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The values that move us. Hogan Driven.

It's Easy To See Why Drivers Love Hogan

At Hogan we know our most valuable resource is our drivers.
Here's what they had to say about the Hogan experience:

"With a lot of Dedicated and Regional accounts, you're home daily. It makes it easier knowing you'll be home for dinner."


"If you find a dispatcher that gets you, you're going to stay. And with Hogan, the hometime
is so good that a
family man like me
can't dream of leaving."


"A good account manager keeps you on the road and keeps you earning. They're our daily
frontline. It's a good
sign that Hogan's
drivers and managers have been around for
so long. Longevity
in this industry
is hard to


"Hogan has a really strong national network. My dispatcher can
route me through any
city I want. It's a great
way to travel the
country, visit friends
and family, all
without wasting
vacation time."


"Especially for younger drivers, personal relationships are key.
At other carriers, you'll
get pushed around
since you're young. At Hogan, driver managers genuinely care
about student


"You can't put a price on top-of-the-line equipment and industry-leading road rescue. Hogan keeps you running. There's no more waiting by the side of the road for hours on end."


"Hogan makes good on their promises. Their reputation in the industry is well deserved. They've worked hard to earn
it, and they'll work
hard to keep it, too."


"I joined Hogan because of a positive recommendation from a friend. He sold me on the hometime but
didn't even mention
how awesome the
benefits were. I feel
really well taken care
of with this


It's the hometime. Really, there's no carrier that can match it. When Hogan says they'll get you home, it's as good as a guarantee."