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Hogan: Home to America’s Happiest Truck Drivers

From our humble beginnings in 1918, Hogan has grown to be a full-service carrier committed to truck driver success and safe, no-nonsense trucking. Our secret is that we have none. We’re open with our Class A CDL truck drivers. What we promise is what you get.

ALL CDL Holders must be registered in FMCSA Clearinghouse.
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Hogan Driver Spotlight

Vontrellius, we can’t even begin to thank you enough.

You go far above and beyond your calling – every single mile, every single day. We want to take a moment to send a special thank you so you know how much we appreciate all of your dedication. There are SO many inspirational stories to tell, so bear with us – this is just the beginning!


Thank you Vontrellius!

You’re someone we all look up to.

Vontrellius Oneal has been with Hogan on the Dollar General account out of Jackson, GA since it opened in February of 2018. Vontrellius has proven to be a leader amongst his fellow drivers, and many new drivers would seek him out for advice on how to be successful at this account. In 2019 we made Vontrellius a trainer where he excelled once again. Vontrellius is always willing to spend the extra time with a trainee to ensure that they are not only trained to drive and unload trailer products, but that they learn to do it safely. Vontrellius takes pride in his job, and that is what makes him one of our highly respected and valued employees.